Wesleyan Bible Holiness Church is dedicated to providing a place of worship where the spiritual, intellectual, and physical well being of our community is ministered to. We have programs for Adults, Teens, and Children.   


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Who We Are

Wesleyan Bible Holiness Church is a congregation of believers who are committed to "KNOWING CHRIST AND MAKING HIM KNOWN!"   


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What We Do

The Wesleyan Bible Holiness Church offers classes in finance and relationships to our community at no charge.  We also offer the use of our facilities for WEDDINGS, BOY SCOUTS, and other sport activities to our community. 

We are a church family who cares about the needs of those around us. We have completed community projects for the handicapped and single family households.  


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What Keeps Us Going

"I want to thank the church for putting in a new dishwasher and fixing up my bathroom that was in dire need of repairs. Thank you for all of the assistance that you have provided in my time of need. Without the generous support of my Church family, I don't know how my family could have made it during these difficult times."

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